TouchDesigner Video Tutorials

Why TouchDesigner videos?

After years of working on some of the largest TouchDesigner installations in the world, I wanted to make a new platform for high quality video tutorials and workshops. I’ve seen a lot of success and excitement around the few online live workshops I’ve hosted, but even with those there were a ton of people who couldn’t attend or wanted to try and purchase the workshop videos after the fact. So now I’ll be focusing on releasing high quality video workshops and tutorials on LearnTouchDesigner.com.

What’s available?

I’ll be posting video tutorials/workshops every other week covering many different topics. I’ll have general workshops for beginners, demonstrations of techniques for intermediate users, and deep dives on advanced concepts for pros. Workshops will include project files that you can reference and use as templates for your own work and projects. Videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing. The current two videos available are:

  1. A deep dive on TouchDesigner optimization, which includes how to use diagnostic tools like Performance Monitor and Probe, and a look at the common project bottlenecks, such as CPU, GPU, and hard drive/storage
  2. An extensive tutorial on how to use Render Picking in TouchDesigner. This often hard-to-learn technique allows you to create truly interactive 3D scenes that can easily scale from single-click to multi-touch displays


Want to take your TouchDesigner career to the next level?

The HQ is the only comprehensive TouchDesigner training resource available.

If I’d had access to the tutorials, workshops, coaching and community found in the HQ when I first started with TouchDesigner, I would have hit my career goals years sooner

How to get them?

Getting the workshops and video tutorials are easy. Follow the few steps below:

  1. Head over to LearnTouchDesigner.com
  2. Pick the workshop/tutorial you’d like to purchase
  3. Submit the payment form
  4. Check your email for links to stream and download the videos and project files

That’s it! A few quick steps can be the key to leveling up your TouchDesigner skills.