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Soft-skills for Project Managers

Why are soft-skills important for project managers? I’d argue that soft-skills are what separate good PM’s (project manager) and the people that everyone hates: “middlemen” or […]

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How to be a good collaborator

Is it hard to be a good collaborator? Interactive projects have a lot of teams working on them. There’s often a gaggle of artists, technicians, suppliers, […]

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Running Your Own Studio with Noah Norman

The Fabled Studio This week I chatted with one of my favourite colleagues, Noah Norman. He runs Hard Work Party, a studio that makes artwork and […]

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What is an SLA?

What the SLA? You may or may not have heard the term SLA before in your work. This may be because you’re working more on the […]

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The secrets of being on-site

That on-site life We’ve all had our share of installation experiences, probably mostly comedic and crazy in nature. There’s constant chaos, shifting deliverables, mix-ups and confusion…and […]

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What is turnkey?

What’s open office hours? About 2 weeks ago we held another round of open office hours in which anyone was able to sign up for a […]

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Career and business advice

Open office hours chats After a great Open office hours last weekend, I wanted to summarize two of the main topics discussed. It always surprises me […]

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