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How to be a good collaborator

Is it hard to be a good collaborator? Interactive projects have a lot of teams working on them. There’s often a gaggle of artists, technicians, suppliers, […]

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How to get a broader interactive perspective

Is my interactive perspective small? I’ve had the pleasure of working with a large number of talented individuals lately on some new ventures. The projects range […]

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Experiment with Sleep

Why sleep? Well, duh, you need it. It’s amazing. You never want to get out of bed in the morning because of it. When you’re sick, […]

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An Age Without Silence

Preface We’ve moved into an age where people aren’t encouraged to spend a moment in silence with their own thoughts and think about things on their […]

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Plans Win All & 5 Tips to Plan

The master plans Time after time, situation after situation, job after job, there’s always a plan. A detailed plan. Not just some “do this, then that, […]

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Notes on the Slow Burn of a Startup

Preface On the topic of a startup, if theres any kind of message to impart it’s this: You shouldn’t start a startup unless you have a […]

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