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Ask me anything – AMA

What’s going on here? We’re starting a pseudo-AMA series. The goal is to achieve two things: share the wisdom of people near the top of the […]

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The importance of buy-in

To be (code) or not to be (code)? When you’re working on installations and interactive designs there’s one hurdle that is ever present in almost every […]

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Open Office Hours #3

What is open office hours? We had a successful holiday give away last year of some free consulting time, where people got an hour of our […]

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Terrible client ideas…

What is a difficult situation? Software development and creative coding isn’t always fun, artistic, and intellectually stimulating. Unfortunately, the real world exists and it is full […]

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nVC2 – TouchDesigner drag-and-drop library

What is nVC2? nVC2 is the nVoid Component Cloud. nVC2 is a drag-and-drop TouchDesigner component library made for both beginners and professionals, with a wide range […]

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Designing with users in mind

Designing in your own mind It’s easy to ignore your user in the design process. Computer scientists or programmers entering the field of immersive and experiential […]

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Career and business advice

Open office hours chats After a great Open office hours last weekend, I wanted to summarize two of the main topics discussed. It always surprises me […]

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