Features You Need in TouchDesigner Spring 2019 Update

A sacred day has arrived! The long awaited experimental build of TouchDesigner chock full of new features has been released as stable. You’ve heard the features. You’ve heard the new tricks. All the while you were worried that you couldn’t use the experimental because either you’re already deep in a project and couldn’t give up stability or because you simply didn’t want to learn a new feature before it became stable, in fear of it completely changing for one reason to another. The moment is here, so in this blog post I want to highlight a few of the key […]

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Get Off The Timeline #3: Practical Examples

So far if you’ve been following the series, we covered an approaching to thinking about your projects as systems instead of linear experiences and then we covered how to dive deeper in and start examining and thinking deeply about the signals in your project. For the final part of this series, I’m going to show you a few practical examples of how you can achieve this inside your TouchDesigner project and at the end there’s a few nice little project files you can take away as examples. Time to dive in! Example 1: Simple Sample In the most basic example, […]

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Get Off The Timeline #2: Signals Thinking

Coming off of my post last week about starting to think about projects as systems instead of linear timelines, it’s time to dive deeper and talk about the signals side of things. If you start thinking about your projects and installations as complex systems and lay out all the dependencies and interlinked elements, you may end up naturally thinking about it as a kind of state machine, where you have many different states (or moments or loops) in the system that move between each other based on some kind of trigger or signal or input. So that’s what today’s post […]

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Get Off The Timeline #1: Systems Thinking

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the timeline. Let’s get that out of the way. The problem is trying to apply the workflows and programming paradigms of working with a timeline to an environment like TouchDesigner (Or Max MSP, Processing, oF or anything similar for that matter). All the things you might want to do inside of TouchDesigner if you come from a background of heavy timeline-reliance will only bind you, slow down your workflow, and ultimately limit your creativity and frustrate you until you quit using the software all together. “It’s not for me! They don’t even have a working […]

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TouchDesigner Operators You Need To Know

The Important Ones There are tons of operators in TouchDesigner. It can be totally overwhelming for a beginner to learn all the operators and even know which ones to start with. In this blog post I wanted to give a quick run down of the top TouchDesigner operators you need to know when getting started, but also as a pro. TOPs Movie File In This is the bread and butter of lots of TouchDesigner projects. Reading back tons of layers of high-res and high-framerate videos may even be one of the most powerful features of TouchDesigner. I’d say everyone needs […]

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