Ask me anything – AMA

What’s going on here? We’re starting a pseudo-AMA series. The goal is to achieve two things: share the wisdom of people near the top of the game, and share a little bit of fun. I can’t think of all the fun times I’ve had just chatting up a storm with colleagues and friends over little things that happened on a project or how we’ve got some new idea to totally revolutionize our work. These chats, as fun as they are, also hold a ton of informal wisdom that has been distilled and iterated on with the shared knowledge of a […]

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The importance of buy-in

To be (code) or not to be (code)? When you’re working on installations and interactive designs there’s one hurdle that is ever present in almost every job: the point at which your team decides to switch over from designs, comps, renders, or sketches, over to real interactive code. To preface the problem, I’ll briefly talk at a high level about the life-cycle of an interactive project. Keep in mind that in such a budding field, the model described below might not fit everyone, but the outcomes and strategies I lay out later are generally the same. This post will also […]

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Developing Large-scale TouchDesigner Projects

Developing like a TouchDesigner professional, not a pro This post is going to talk about a few things that seem unimportant or like side worries, but the more and more you work on TouchDesigner projects and the larger the team/project you’re working with/on, you start to weigh things differently.  “Do you remember that one project where the X and Y were all criss-crossing and we couldn’t add feature Z without completely breaking the project?! God that was a disaster, I didn’t know where anything was.” <- Literally said by me maybe a month or two ago! Organization, naming conventions, and […]

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What is an SLA?

What the SLA? You may or may not have heard the term SLA before in your work. This may be because you’re working more on the arts side of things, for festivals, or short-run installations and events. On the long-term and permanent installation side of things, SLA’s are a key contract in the pipeline that you’ll need to define. An SLA stands for Service-level agreement. You can do a web search to read more about it or read the Wikipedia page for general overview of it. It’s the contract that dictates how work (mostly service, maintenance, and bug fixes) is […]

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Tricks for teaching technical topics

Do you need tricks for teaching technical topics? I’ve spent a lot of my life teaching different topics. In high school, I was a french tutor. In university, I was teaching music. Now I teach a lot of technical topics mostly around TouchDesigner, which is such a varied piece of software that it involves explaining everything from procedural 3D modelling to Python coding to audio analysis. There are strategies I’ve learned over the years that I find really help when teaching technical topics. They can keep your audience engaged, attentive, and on track to have a pleasant experience. Here’s three […]

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