Open Office Hours #3

What is open office hours? We had a successful holiday give away last year of some free consulting time, where people got an hour of our time to chat through their work, a potential project, or get some TouchDesigner help. To continue the benefit of that, we held an open office hours again a few months ago, where we made a handful of 30 minute blocks of time available and people could schedule time to talk with me about whatever they like. It’s always rewarding, so we’re doing it again! Last round we had a lot of great chats about […]

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Terrible client ideas…

What is a difficult situation? Software development and creative coding isn’t always fun, artistic, and intellectually stimulating. Unfortunately, the real world exists and it is full of complications and indecision. This can lead to some difficult situations that could bring the good times to a halt. One of the main difficulties that we face on a daily basis are the terrible ideas that come from clients. Let’s dive in. Terrible client ideas I can hear people chuckling when I mention “terrible client ideas.” I hope you remember the funniest things you’ve heard clients say and suggest, but terrible client ideas […]

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Windows 7 vs Windows 10: The Interactive Installation Showdown

Interactive installation OS?? Who knew that I’d have to think about what OS we’re using on our interactive installation in 2018? Who knew that there’d be OS drama? Windows 10 is the latest and greatest Windows version, but even as such, many professionals are still using Windows 7. We’ll get into the nitty gritty of it from a professional perspective. But let’s get 2 things out of the way. No one uses Windows 8. Ignore it. Forget it happened. As we’re specialists in TouchDesigner, we’re going to focus on Windows, because although there is a Mac version, it’s a lot […]

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nVC2 – TouchDesigner drag-and-drop library

What is nVC2? nVC2 is the nVoid Component Cloud. nVC2 is a drag-and-drop TouchDesigner component library made for both beginners and professionals, with a wide range of tools, visual effects, and utilities that will help beginners create impact quickly while also helping professionals in their daily workflows. Why use it? nVC2¬†grew organically because of many different reasons. The first is that there are tons and tons of new users in the TouchDesigner world. Every year the community seems to grow by leaps and bounds and to help serve many of the new members of the community, nVC2 is first and […]

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Designing with users in mind

Designing in your own mind It’s easy to ignore your user in the design process. Computer scientists or programmers entering the field of immersive and experiential media might find themselves focusing on creating good code or worrying about the complexity of the software (and how to avoid scaling issues). Artists might be focused on presentation and meaning in their art and might not spend any time working through the real nuts-and-bolts usecases of a user. User-centric design has become more and more popular in general technology innovation. This has not really bled into interactive and immersive media though. We tend […]

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