Get the most on low budget TouchDesigner installs

How to get the most out of your budget TouchDesigner installation I know over the years I’ve been adamant about using only the best gear you can get such as Quadro GPUs. This will almost always save you a lot of headache in the long run. But what do you do if you flat out just can’t afford those things? What if the “client” is a friend and it’s your first project? What if you’re trying to pay the bills and want to spend less money on hardware? Let’s take a look at some quick tips to help you get […]

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TouchDesigner CHOP Shuffling Demystified

TouchDesigner CHOP Tongue Twisters TouchDesigner is one of the most powerful softwares around in the field of interactive technology and immersive media. The amount of different inputs and outputs that TouchDesigner can handle is out of this world. But that doesn’t mean all of it comes easily, especially if you’re coming from other software packages or programming languages. You might find yourself more frustrated than fulfilled. Don’t give up! A little bit of perseverance and a little bit of familiarity with TouchDesigner idiosyncrasies will take you a long way. In this post, I wanted to talk about one specific concept […]

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Grey-market Windows 10 LTSB

The perfect TouchDesigner system As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts, there used to be a perfect TouchDesigner system. Then Microsoft had to go and change things and release Windows 8 and then Windows 10. This leaves interactive professionals like myself in a somewhat dicey situation where we need the newest version of Windows for it’s features and security, but we dream about when Windows 7 was so stable. This is where Windows 10 LTSB comes in, as the most stable version of Windows 10 that you can find. I should correct myself now, because Microsoft has changed the name […]

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Between Art and Corporate Work with Vincent Houzé

Art vs Corporate Works The final showdown….dun dun dunnnnnnn! Not actually, but this is a topic that plagues the mind of many individuals in our industry. Should I focus on creating individual pieces of fulfilling art work or should I do those corporate gigs with lots of resources and cash? While there has never been (and never will be a clear answer), I decided to talk to a long time partner in crime, the unbelievable technical and artistic mind of Vincent Houzé. We’ve worked on a few of projects over the years. You may know him from either his leading […]

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Soft-skills for Project Managers

Why are soft-skills important for project managers? I’d argue that soft-skills are what separate good PM’s (project manager) and the people that everyone hates: “middlemen” or “middle management”. All too often, people take on PM positions because it is the only step upwards in their career path. Technical people often can only get decent pay increases by taking on PM positions and there’s also a lot of people that get thrust into the position for a variety of reasons. This leaves people in a position where they’re scrambling to figure out what a PM actually does. In most cases, no […]

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