Forecasting a TouchDesigner Project’s Length

Why is forecasting a project’s length hard? After years of experience, forecasting a TouchDesigner project’s length is still hard. It always will be. It’s the nature of the beast. The nature of being on the generally cutting-edge of media technology and trying to use the latest-and-greatest gear and techniques. Sometimes you’ll miscalculate how long something takes (almost always you’ll underestimate!). With that said there are a bunch of steps you can take to hone in your forecasting skills, which are important for doing project specification, figuring out which jobs are worth doing (financially), and just making sure you don’t piss […]

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The ways to get TouchDesigner gigs they don’t tell you

How to get TouchDesigner gigs I’ll be honest, it’s a bit of a sensationalist title, and I also don’t know who “they” is! I guess they could be education system or community forums or peers. But let’s get down to the point. Getting TouchDesigner gigs can be difficult. Not only are there so many different facets of TouchDesigner development, such as 3D-heavy gigs, web API-based gigs, sensor-based gigs, and more. So how are you even supposed to get good at learning all these different things let alone getting hired to do them so you can pay your bills?? Well, over […]

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Boss-ness, Creativity, and Being Real with Michelle Higa Fox

Keeping creative and the being real There are many challenges that we face every day in our creative professions. Some of those involve our actual work, maybe software/design/hardware, some of them are more essential to our being, such as trying to stay motivated/creative, and other challenges may just occur because of who we are as people. Our topics today seem a bit spread out compared to the other AMA pieces I did, but I needed to ask our special guest today a lot of different questions purely because she is totally unique and I wanted to get as much of […]

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TouchDesigner Python Tricks

Why are TouchDesigner Python tricks so useful? Not to sound obvious, but all tricks are useful. Python tricks can be especially useful because they can keep you from doing going down a weird rabbit hole. Some of these tricks are really standard Python practices that just never make it into the repertoire of TouchDesigner developers. Most TouchDesigner developers learn Python inside of TouchDesigner. This means you learn essentials like data types, conditionals, then maybe you get into functions and some object oriented class stuff on the edge. But you often skim over some of the more powerful things like list […]

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The Problem with TouchDesigner UIs

What’s the problem with TouchDesigner UIs? If you ever talk to an intermediate TouchDesigner developer, you’ll get a lot of the same complaints: “TouchDesigner UIs are ugly!” “They don’t make any sense and aren’t flexible.” “Ugh, I hate them, I’d rather do it in the web or something.” “They’re so slow and heavy on my project!” Now while some of these might hold some weight, I’m about to let you in on a secret. The real problem with TouchDesigner UIs is you. Sorry! There are tons of high-end pros who utilize TouchDesigner for both front-end and back-end servers. Everything from […]

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