New Superpowers: TouchDesigner’s Line MAT

Materials in TouchDesigner used to be such a simple decision. You had Phong MAT and Constant MAT. That was most of your decision. Sometimes you might have reached for the Point Sprite MAT in situations with particle systems. But that was it! Now we have a plethora more options and some of them are really valuable pieces of my toolkit now. Today I’m specifically speaking about the TouchDesigner Line MAT and showing you some interesting things you can do with it! Deceiving name While it might have a less-than-inspiring name, the Line MAT has a ton of functionality built into […]

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How To Up Your TouchDesigner Render Quality

Are you trying to use high quality materials in TouchDesigner? Are you finding your TouchDesigner renders aren’t looking up to snuff? Have you tried jiggling all the cables to no avail? You’re not alone. Many folks have trouble understanding the requirements of a high quality render. Let me assure you, it IS possible to have beautiful, almost photo-realistic, TouchDesigner renders, it just takes a few manual steps and some tools that you may or may not be familiar with. Let’s dive in! What do you need? PBR Material There are a few requirements for having a beautifully rendered scene. The […]

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New TouchDesigner Website Tour

Over the last few weeks you’ve probably been greeted by a new and shiny website for Derivative’s TouchDesigner. It’s been a long time request from users and Derivative have delivered. But why do we need a whole blog post about it? Well there’s a few reasons. For pros, a bunch of things have shifted around to new places, and for new users and pros, there are lots of new features on the website that are worth exploring. Let’s dive in! New forum Can you hear the angels singing?? The great forum that has always been a wealth of knowledge for […]

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Texture Sharing with TouchDesigner

We’ve all been in installations where you need to send textures between apps or process. It may be because of limitations of a process, maybe because we’re using different apps to do different processes. Whatever the reason, it can be overwhelming to decide which protocol to use and which operators to use. Let’s dive into your options! Touch In / Touch Out TOP The easiest option if you’re working between TouchDesigner apps on different computers is Touch In TOPs and Touch Out TOPs. They work over the network so it’s easy to get it up and running over any kind […]

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Blob Tracking Tricks in TouchDesigner

Something I hear often is the difficulty in doing TouchDesigner blob tracking. “It’s too slow!” or “the tracking isn’t working!” or “I don’t know how to use it!”. I’m sure you’ve been there and experienced similar, so in this post I wanted to share some tricks for working with Blob Track TOP and getting your TouchDesigner blob tracking setups working better. What is blob tracking? If you’re unfamiliar with blob tracking, it’s a computer vision (CV) technique where you detect moving regions in an image or video stream, draw a bounding box around them, and then identify as much info […]

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