Stop selling features

It would be sensationalist of me to say “this is the biggest mistake most people make” but it wouldn’t be far from the truth. It’s also one of the most common things I see when I review quotes by other folks in our industry just starting out. Once you have an amazing portfolio and a reputation, you can basically say whatever you want, but until that point you still have to try to push through quotes and make them seem exciting and appealing in as many ways as possible. So what is the issue that I’m talking? Selling features on […]

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Winning the long game with Dusty Stevenson

Every few years I have small revelations and learn new things. The first few years of my career were all about technical revelations, learning programming and procedural workflows. The few years after that were learning the business ropes and how to negotiate rates and deal with contracts. The last few years of my career have been more humbling. After years of working day and night, I reached record levels of fatigue and different kinds of burn out. All because I didn’t really think about taking care of myself. No one talks about it! How would I know? People talk about […]

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TouchDesigner | New Features | Bindings with Matthew Ragan

Hi folks, Elburz here. This week we have the pleasure of having Matthew Ragan guest post a great article he wrote on TouchDesigner’s new Binding feature here. Matthew Ragan is of course not an unfamiliar name for anyone in the TouchDesigner scene, but I highly recommend checking out his website and blog if you have here. Enjoy! Spring time is lots of things – flowers, holidays, vigorous allergies, and the TouchDesigner Spring Update. For the second year running this is the time of year that features graduate from just being in experimental to being full fledged stable release features. Wowza. […]

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Features You Need in TouchDesigner Spring 2019 Update

A sacred day has arrived! The long awaited experimental build of TouchDesigner chock full of new features has been released as stable. You’ve heard the features. You’ve heard the new tricks. All the while you were worried that you couldn’t use the experimental because either you’re already deep in a project and couldn’t give up stability or because you simply didn’t want to learn a new feature before it became stable, in fear of it completely changing for one reason to another. The moment is here, so in this blog post I want to highlight a few of the key […]

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Get Off The Timeline #3: Practical Examples

So far if you’ve been following the series, we covered an approaching to thinking about your projects as systems instead of linear experiences and then we covered how to dive deeper in and start examining and thinking deeply about the signals in your project. For the final part of this series, I’m going to show you a few practical examples of how you can achieve this inside your TouchDesigner project and at the end there’s a few nice little project files you can take away as examples. Time to dive in! Example 1: Simple Sample In the most basic example, […]

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