Two strategies for project billing

Is project billing really that complicated? You might be asking yourself, “Did Elburz really need to write a whole post on how to bill for projects?” The answer is both yes AND one post isn’t enough. Before you dive into this post, it is a follow up to a previous post on determining project lengths. At the end of that post, I mention there’s two general approaches to billing. When I say “billing,” I really mean billing structure, and not so much the act of giving the bill to the client. Both billing approaches I’m going to talk about here […]

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How to tell people what you do

Is it really that hard? Yes….yes it is.  I’m sure you’ve had tons of times when asked this question and you didn’t know how to answer. Whether it was from family and friends, or what we’re going to focus on today, from prospective clients and partners. Last week on the Learn TouchDesigner HQ group coaching call, I was asked about building a personal brand. When I was thinking about how to approach this, a lot of it comes down to one key thing: telling people who you are and what you do. That’s it. If you can communicate that in […]

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Getting started with TDJSON in TouchDesigner

What is TDJSON?? Spoiler alert: Example file at the end! The first reaction when I start talking about TDJSON is “what is that??” Most people haven’t heard of it, and the people who have, may not have even had a reason to really use it yet. I myself hadn’t used it first hand until very recently when I helped one of my Learn TouchDesigner HQ members with a question about how to make a preset system in TouchDesigner, and my mind went to TDJSON. TDJSON is a relatively new feature in TouchDesigner and it is essentially a bunch of Python […]

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Time Management Is The Key To Everything

Really? Time management? Yup. You heard it here first. Time management. What they tried to teach you when you were in elementary school and the teacher gave you a little schedule thing to write down homework. The thing none of us ever did. It’s back. But really, why is time management so important? We all know what it is like in the depth of projects, there never seems to be enough time. We constantly seem overworked, there’s never enough time for both our work, our social lives, side projects, and more. I’ve been lucky enough to have found many resources […]

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