Licensing Your TouchDesigner Work

All of the TouchDesigner developers I know are always working on tools. These tools may be for personal experimentation or critical tooling for your company projects. Either way, you may come to a point where you want to share your work. It may be for financial gains if you want to sell an amazing and useful tool you’ve made, it may be for educational purposes where you’d like to teach the community how you do something awesome, or it may be to harness the power of the community to collaborate on a general usage tool that the community can use […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for TouchDesigner

It’s that time of year again. In fairness, it feels like there’s a holiday to buy stuff almost every other month. But it’s the time of year where I give you a couple ideas of affordable pieces of kit you might be able to pick up over the holiday discounts to make your life easier or to bring a smile to a colleagues face. With that said let’s just dive right in! Portable Storage If you haven’t already gotten yourself a Samsung T5 external SSD, now is the time. These little devices are magical. They changed my life. I used […]

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LED Basics for TouchDesigner Pros

The first time you use any kind of hardware can be daunting. There are new terms, new techniques, new bottlenecks to your workflow, new people to deal with, and all kinds of crazy things that you maybe never even expected. LED walls are no exception to this. While they are amazing to use and can provide us with stunning canvases, they come with their own headaches and your first time using them can be quite daunting. Let’s dive in! Raster maps The first big concept you need to know about are raster maps (or pixel maps or LED maps… or […]

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How To Increase Your Rate

A tricky topic that most people don’t want to talk about: rates. It can be a personal and touchy topic for even high-end and veteran developers, as if they were going to be judged based on it. The byproduct of this is that rates often go undiscussed by pros in public, leading to newer folks in the field to have nothing to base their business on. I’m quite public about the fact that I cost $1,500 USD a day to work on a project. If you think that’s absurd and I’m robbing people and that no one would ever pay […]

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Computer Security for TouchDesigner Pros??

You might be thinking to yourself “Why are we talking about computer security? This is supposed to be about TouchDesigner and interactive tech and immersive media!” The truth of the matter is simple, in this industry we end up working with a lot of big companies with a lot of information they don’t want out in the public. This could be something as simple as some plans written inside of a PDF for an upcoming event you’re working on to more sensitive materials such as unreleased content from popular shows. Whatever the case may be, the reality is that if […]

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