Open Office Hours #3

What is open office hours?

We had a successful holiday give away last year of some free consulting time, where people got an hour of our time to chat through their work, a potential project, or get some TouchDesigner help. To continue the benefit of that, we held an open office hours again a few months ago, where we made a handful of 30 minute blocks of time available and people could schedule time to talk with me about whatever they like. It’s always rewarding, so we’re doing it again!

Last round we had a lot of great chats about careers, positioning your company in the interactive market, dome mappings, and more.


Want to take your TouchDesigner career to the next level?

The HQ is the only comprehensive TouchDesigner training resource available.

If I’d had access to the tutorials, workshops, coaching and community found in the HQ when I first started with TouchDesigner, I would have hit my career goals years sooner

How it works

To make this easy for everyone we’re using an automated scheduling tool, Calendly.

1) Go to the link at the end of the page
2) Select “Open Office with Elburz” and pick one 30 minute block for yourself
3) Enter your information
4) You’ll receive an email from myself or my team with the link you’ll need to join the call.

I’ve limited blocks to 30 minutes so we can get as many folks as possible. I’ve created 2 different open office blocks, one that caters to Asian time zones and one that caters to North American time zones. European time zones should ideally be able to use either blocks.

Link to schedule time:

Go to https://calendly.com/nvoid/ and schedule your time!