Example Project

This is what your project page will look like. Here is a list of things you must provide:

  • High resolution image for the banner at the top
  • Title of the project
  • The name you want listed for the submission
  • 1 paragraph description of the project
  • Attribution list for the project (depending on your NDAs it may require you put more than just yourself)
  • Links to where people can read more or contact you or see more of your work (socials, etc)

Here are some more recommended things to submit that will make your project stand out even more:

  • GIFs of your project in action
  • 4-6 high resolution images to create a gallery on the page
  • A video hosted on Vimeo or Youtube that can be embedded
  • More than 1 paragraph description of the project
  • Full attribution list (this is a nice thing to do, people will thank you later)
  • Some behind the scenes descriptions/images/gifs (only if allowed by your NDA)