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Interactive Development with Purpose

A higher level of interactive development It’s easy to just do things. I know from experience as someone who learned by doing. People are always telling […]

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Debugging Hardware and Software Systems

Why even bother debugging? Debugging systems of any kind sucks. It’s a time consuming process with very little reward. There are no heroes in the eyes […]

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Architecture of Large Interactive Installations

Strategies for large interactive installations Large interactive installations are a volatile medium. You may work on two projects back to back and have completely different technology scales to […]

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Immersive Installation Checklist

Prepping for an immersive installation You’ve got your team assembled. Everyone is ready to head to the installation site and get the complex system up and […]

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Think like a GPU

Why should you think like a GPU? Processing power is everything in the world of graphics programming, interactive media, and real time media. The more processing […]

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TouchDesigner Giveaway Winners!

Who are the winners? Congrats to everyone who entered and shared the link. nVoid, zero11zero, and myself appreciate it and are looking forward to working with […]

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TouchDesigner Giveaway

TouchDesigner giveaway! I’ve personally benefited greatly from the amount of knowledge sharing in the TouchDesigner community. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been stuck and […]

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TouchDesigner Beginner Dos and Don’ts

TouchDesigner Beginner Dos and Don’ts With all the new macOS  TouchDesigner beginners, I made a list of some dos and don’ts that every TouchDesigner user should know. […]

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The Best Beginner TouchDesigner Gear

My favourite TouchDesigner gear I decided to put together a list of my favourite TouchDesigner gear with the release of the macOS version of TouchDesigner. There are so […]

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