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Developing Large-scale TouchDesigner Projects

Developing like a TouchDesigner professional, not a pro This post is going to talk about a few things that seem unimportant or like side worries, but […]

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Tricks for teaching technical topics

Do you need tricks for teaching technical topics? I’ve spent a lot of my life teaching different topics. In high school, I was a french tutor. […]

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Open Office Hours #3

What is open office hours? We had a successful holiday give away last year of some free consulting time, where people got an hour of our […]

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Terrible client ideas…

What is a difficult situation? Software development and creative coding isn’t always fun, artistic, and intellectually stimulating. Unfortunately, the real world exists and it is full […]

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nVC2 – TouchDesigner drag-and-drop library

What is nVC2? nVC2 is the nVoid Component Cloud. nVC2 is a drag-and-drop TouchDesigner component library made for both beginners and professionals, with a wide range […]

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Designing with users in mind

Designing in your own mind It’s easy to ignore your user in the design process. Computer scientists or programmers entering the field of immersive and experiential […]

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Optimizing in TouchDesigner

The difficulty of optimizing I did an online workshop focused on optimizing projects in TouchDesigner last week because I think it’s a hugely underdiscussed topic. Optimization […]

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TouchDesigner beginner tricks

TouchDesigner tricks you should know I thought it would be nice to share some little tricks that seem to always evade new users. Some of these […]

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