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I possess a deep knowledge in many professional fields from creative arts, technology development, to business strategy, having created solutions for Google, Kanye West, Armani, and more. I'm currently Technical Director of zero11zero, and lead the nVoid division. Yo!
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An Age Without Silence

Preface We’ve moved into an age where people aren’t encouraged to spend a moment in silence with their own thoughts and think about things on their […]

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06 – LED Displays

LED Displays What are LED Displays and how do they work? LED displays, the most confusing combinations of words to ever be encountered by creative individuals next […]

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Plans Win All & 5 Tips to Plan

The master plans Time after time, situation after situation, job after job, there’s always a plan. A detailed plan. Not just some “do this, then that, […]

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R&D vs Spin-offs in Immersive Design

All R&D, no spin-offs R&D has a great way of embedding one thing in another, in another, then turning it into something completely unexpected. Sometimes these combinations […]

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BootSequence or get out

BootSequence greater than sleep Over the last few weeks, Oriol Gasquez, and myself put together prototypes for a new SaaS (software as a service) we call BootSequence. […]

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How to make something unique? Generative Design

Generative design in use Book publisher, Penguin, on the relaunch of Richard Dawkin’s classic books Climbing Mount Improbable, The Blind Watchmaker, and Unweaving The Rainbow, came to an interesting […]

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Science Fiction As Critique

Too Much Information – Keiichi Matsuda’s vision for augmented and mixed reality I just finished watching Keiichi Matsuda’s new piece Hyper-Reality and really enjoyed how it used […]

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