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I possess a deep knowledge in many professional fields from creative arts, technology development, to business strategy, having created solutions for Google, Kanye West, Armani, and more. I'm currently Technical Director of zero11zero, and lead the nVoid division. Yo!
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Shortcuts through abstraction

The problems of speed Speed is a valued skill in programming. Working faster can often correlate to being more cost effective, shorter development timelines, and more […]

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Laptops vs Desktops for Interactive work

What’s the best rig? A common question I see asked if “what laptop should I get for starting out with interactive work?” This can be a […]

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Common pitfalls for project quotes

Project quotes are easy to improve I can’t count the amount of project quotes I put together. I would be at total loss if I tried […]

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Open Office Hours. Go!

Rationale for open office hours We held a small giveaway at the end of 2016 in which I gave away some consulting hours in a raffle. […]

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How to get a broader interactive perspective

Is my interactive perspective small? I’ve had the pleasure of working with a large number of talented individuals lately on some new ventures. The projects range […]

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Interactive Development with Purpose

A higher level of interactive development It’s easy to just do things. I know from experience as someone who learned by doing. People are always telling […]

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Debugging Hardware and Software Systems

Why even bother debugging? Debugging systems of any kind sucks. It’s a time consuming process with very little reward. There are no heroes in the eyes […]

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Architecture of Large Interactive Installations

Strategies for large interactive installations Large interactive installations are a volatile medium. You may work on two projects back to back and have completely different technology scales to […]

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