Texture Sharing with TouchDesigner

We’ve all been in installations where you need to send textures between apps or process. It may be because of limitations of a process, maybe because we’re using different apps to do different processes. Whatever the reason, it can be overwhelming to decide which protocol to use and which operators to use. Let’s dive into your options! Touch In / Touch Out TOP The easiest option if you’re working between TouchDesigner apps on different computers is Touch In TOPs and Touch Out TOPs. They work over the network so it’s easy to get it up and running over any kind […]

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Blob Tracking Tricks in TouchDesigner

Something I hear often is the difficulty in doing TouchDesigner blob tracking. “It’s too slow!” or “the tracking isn’t working!” or “I don’t know how to use it!”. I’m sure you’ve been there and experienced similar, so in this post I wanted to share some tricks for working with Blob Track TOP and getting your TouchDesigner blob tracking setups working better. What is blob tracking? If you’re unfamiliar with blob tracking, it’s a computer vision (CV) technique where you detect moving regions in an image or video stream, draw a bounding box around them, and then identify as much info […]

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Why Inbox Zero Is Ruining Your Craft

Inbox Zero is a trend that became popular over the last few years with the single goal and mindset towards clearing your email inbox and to-do list as often as possible. Let me clearly state I was a slave to Inbox Zero until recently within the last year. The endorphin hit is amazing. That feeling that you’re finished. Whether it’s answering all your emails or checking off the tasks in your inbox. But what are we exchanging for this endorphin hit and mentality? Let’s dive in. Why Inbox Zero Sucks I’m a fan of Cal Newport’s work and especially his […]

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Self care and Your Career

Here’s the harsh truth about reality: If you don’t take care of yourself, no one else will. That’s just how it is at the end of the day. Everyone is busy and everyone has their own set of things to deal with. In the grand scheme of our careers, we may never think about taking care of ourselves and I find enough emphasis isn’t put on teaching or passing down advice and thoughts about taking care of yourself / “how to live a good life.” Which means most of your young adult and even mid-life are spent doing dumb things […]

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WTF is Convex Decomposition?

What a term! Convex Decomposition! It’s meaty! It’s weighty! Why do we even need this word? Well, it’s a term you’re going to need to know to get into more advanced TouchDesigner physics workflows in your project. So let’s skip the chatter and dive in! The meaning (…of life?) Convex decomposition is the process of turning a single concave hull into multiple convex hulls. Quick definition check for convex vs concave hull: For concave, think bowls or funnels. For convex, think flatter surfaces and bumps. The problem here is that bullet dynamics, the library implemented into TouchDesigner, and concave hulls […]

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