How to Spec a TouchDesigner PC #2

Deciding what kind of computer you want (or even need) for a TouchDesigner installation can be a challenge. How much is too much to spend on a PC? Do you really need that much power? Are you sure the computer can handle all the generative content? These questions have no real answers so I decided to write this series. If you haven’t read the first part, start by clicking here. In this post I’ll talk about some key things to look for in different pieces of hardware. This isn’t an exhaustive guide, because the specs for any individual thing we’re […]

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How to Spec a TouchDesigner PC

We’ve been asked the same question before: “What kind of PC do you need for this installation?” Most of us have also felt that same feeling of “How would I know?! We haven’t even started yet…” Between GPU’s, CPU’s, RAM, storage options, mother boards, brand names, chassis options, power supplies, and warranties there are a ton of different ways that you could possibly mess this up. Over all my years of working on large-scale TouchDesigner installations, I’ve put together a strong methodology for how to spec a TouchDesigner PC and some of the things you can think about while spec-ing […]

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TouchDesigner Widgets Tips

By now you’ve almost certainly heard of Widgets. They’re the new UI kit and system that was added to TouchDesigner over the course of the last year. It’s not only important now, but even more important for the future of TouchDesigner. A lot of the features you know and love have secretly been driven by widgets, such as bindings and improvements to how you can automatically layout and resize COMPs. They can be hard to get into because they’re both new / uncharted territory and have some unique aspects to their workflow. Let’s dive in! “Fill” isn’t a dirty word! […]

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Licensing Your TouchDesigner Work

All of the TouchDesigner developers I know are always working on tools. These tools may be for personal experimentation or critical tooling for your company projects. Either way, you may come to a point where you want to share your work. It may be for financial gains if you want to sell an amazing and useful tool you’ve made, it may be for educational purposes where you’d like to teach the community how you do something awesome, or it may be to harness the power of the community to collaborate on a general usage tool that the community can use […]

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Holiday Gift Ideas for TouchDesigner

It’s that time of year again. In fairness, it feels like there’s a holiday to buy stuff almost every other month. But it’s the time of year where I give you a couple ideas of affordable pieces of kit you might be able to pick up over the holiday discounts to make your life easier or to bring a smile to a colleagues face. With that said let’s just dive right in! Portable Storage If you haven’t already gotten yourself a Samsung T5 external SSD, now is the time. These little devices are magical. They changed my life. I used […]

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