Your narrative is why you don’t get more gigs

Sensational headline alert! But also, it’s true. Have you wondered why you never hear back from clients who ask for a quote? Have you wondered why you meet people and then never hear from them again? Do you ever wonder why you lose so many bids to super boring competition? You might not have thought about it, but maybe you’re not telling the right story about yourself. Or maybe it’s too complicated. Or maybe it’s too long. Or maybe it’s too rigid. Or maybe it’s not exciting enough. It could be anything, but when I talk to most people about […]

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How to beat jet lag on the job site

It’s happened to you. You know the pain. You travel a long distance for an installation or project you’re working on. You try to get to the job site or you’re waiting for dinner and BAM! You lose all your energy. You just want to lie down for a few minutes. You feel like it’s 3am regardless of what time it actually is. You’re suffering from jet lag. Jet lag is sleeping disorder that you get when you travel across many time zones in a short amount of time. Your circadian rhythm gets thrown off and your body thinks you […]

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Why you should attend the TouchDesigner Summit 2019

As I heard within the last few days, there are a small handful of tickets still available for the TouchDesigner Summit 2019 to be held in Montreal on August 17-19. I decided it would be nice to get a little head start leading up to the Summit on why I’ll be attending, what I enjoyed about last years/looking forward to this year, and a quick hot list of things I’d recommend attending. All of which I hope will tip you into attending if you were at all on the fence. Why I’m going There are a few reasons why I’m […]

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The Maths You Should Learn for TouchDesigner

You’ve no doubt been knee-deep in a TouchDesigner project and found yourself thinking “Ugh, I wish I knew a bit more math, this would be a lot easier.” But where does one begin? It’s easy for folks who came from a computer science background or more academic careers like architecture. For artists and musicians, all the maths can feel overwhelming. I know personally, I stopped taking math as soon as I could in high school! It was an amazing feeling at the time! Looking back, I don’t regret the choice, but I now realize the value of maths. So what […]

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Thoughts on Turning 100

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy. Can you believe it? 100 posts, 100 newsletters (although probably more since I changed the name a bunch of times…). I’ve been writing and sharing my experiences in the TouchDesigner and interactive industry on elburz.io for a long time now, and since this is the 100th post and newsletter I thought I’d do a bit of self-reflection on blogging, some of my favourite posts, and some future plans that I can put into motion soon! Let’s dive in. Slight History If you’re new to elburz.io you’ve probably only seen the site look like this and the newsletter that […]

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