Useful Web Render TOP Workflows in TouchDesigner

The Web Render TOP was a hugely demanded feature when it first came out. Before its release, getting web pages rendering inside of TouchDesigner was needlessly difficult and involved other applications running in the background sending textures over Spout or other similar protocols. A strange thing that happened though was how little I was seeing the Web Render TOP get used in large TouchDesigner projects. In this post, I wanted to highlight a few interesting ways you can use the Web Render TOP in TouchDesigner to take your projects to the next level. Use without internet One misconception is that […]

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Easy ways to up your marketing game

I’ll be blunt. I see a lot of marketing materials that just plain suck. In the grand scheme of things, I usually work with people on other things, but unless you’ve heard me say “wow, nice marketing materials” then you’re probably on the “not great” list. The problem I have with poor marketing materials is honestly how easy they are to achieve these days. It’s not like we have to buy our own printing presses to make business cards and we don’t have to learn to code websites from scratch with HTML/CSS/JS anymore. So I figured I’d write a post […]

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TouchDesigner Projects and your IP

I’ve been asked by different members of my Learn TouchDesigner HQ a few different variations of the same underlying question: How do I protect the things I’m building? This is a bit of a touchy topic. Not only that, but it’s also a vast gray area for all parties. There are good reasons you might want to control your creations (or intellectual property – IP for short), and there are many good reasons why clients will generally try to formally own the IP of whatever you build for them. I thought we could approach this from a few common standpoints […]

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Your narrative is why you don’t get more gigs

Sensational headline alert! But also, it’s true. Have you wondered why you never hear back from clients who ask for a quote? Have you wondered why you meet people and then never hear from them again? Do you ever wonder why you lose so many bids to super boring competition? You might not have thought about it, but maybe you’re not telling the right story about yourself. Or maybe it’s too complicated. Or maybe it’s too long. Or maybe it’s too rigid. Or maybe it’s not exciting enough. It could be anything, but when I talk to most people about […]

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How to beat jet lag on the job site

It’s happened to you. You know the pain. You travel a long distance for an installation or project you’re working on. You try to get to the job site or you’re waiting for dinner and BAM! You lose all your energy. You just want to lie down for a few minutes. You feel like it’s 3am regardless of what time it actually is. You’re suffering from jet lag. Jet lag is sleeping disorder that you get when you travel across many time zones in a short amount of time. Your circadian rhythm gets thrown off and your body thinks you […]

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